Reliable Performance

Reliable during processing

Barrier films used for lamination can suffer stress during the production process. Even if stretched during processing, the special coating on KURARISTER™ maintains its barrier properties.

The types of coatings common in other barrier films are more easily damaged, which can result in the loss of barrier properties in the final package. KURARISTER™ also has excellent scratch resistance, reducing the possible effects of abrasion that can occur during processing and handling. Since KURARISTER™ is coated on both sides instead of just one its functional barrier properties are more secure.

Easy processing

Unlike some oxide coated films, the barrier coating layers on KURARISTER™
will not lose their properties if flexed, either during processing or during transport and handling of the final package.

Easy printing

Both solvent-based and water-based inks can be used for printing or coating directly onto KURARISTER™.
No corona or other special surface treatment is required.