KURARISTER™ films are easy to handle, easy to print and are ideal for laminated structures to make standard or stand-up pouches. The convenience of light-weight, attractive and unbreakable packaging is combined with microwaveability and ease of use.

Typical applications include soups, flavoured rice, vegetables, ready-made meals and all other food applications that require retort sterilisation.

In addition to stand-up pouches, KURARISTER™ can also be used in lidding and in medical applications.

A real alternative to aluminium

Today many retort food applications are packaged in laminated structures containing aluminium foil. While standard plastics combine ease of use with transparency, barrier properties have not been sufficient for many uses.

KURARISTER™ has all the advantages of plastics, but adds both high gas-barrier and retort resistance. Stand-up pouches using KURARISTER™ will not lose their properties during processing, handling and folding, and offer real advantages compared to aluminium, especially since:

  • Film pouches can be heated in microwave ovens,
  • Metal detectors can be used to screen for foreign objects,
  • No residue remains following incineration.
  • KURARISTER™  films are transparent.

Application & Package Structure