KURARISTER™ films are easy to handle, easy to print and are ideal for laminated structures to make standard or stand-up pouches. The convenience of light-weight, attractive and unbreakable packaging is combined with microwaveability and ease of use.

Typical applications include soups, flavoured rice, vegetables, ready-made meals and all other food applications.

In addition to stand-up pouches, KURARISTER™ can also be used in lidding and in medical applications.

Typical applications

  • Vacuum pouch (Cob corn, potato, beef, pet food, etc.)
  • Lid film (Diced fruit, desserts, vegetables, etc.)
  • VFFS (Institutional foods packaging: sauce, soup, pickles, puree, etc.)
  • Retail pouch (SUP and flat pouch for retort foods such as sauce, soup, rice, tuna, etc.)