KURARISTER™ Handling Instructions

KURARISTER™ is a special plastic film with high barrier wet coating. KURARISTER™ displays both stable and high barrier property and high transparency.

KURARISTER™ also has good processability (printing, laminating and pouch making), however it is recommendable to be cautious in handling as below not to damage its original performance.


  1. Please re-package and seal KURARISTER™ roll with moisture proof over-wrap when unused part is stored after processing.
  2. Do not store KURARISTER™ in wet place nor high temperature and humid place.
  3. Please store KURARISTER™ roll horizontally as shipped on pallet.
  4. Please be cautious not to give physical impact during transportation. The mark on product roll created by impact may cause bad appearance after printing and lamination.


  1. Scratching on coating layer may deteriorate KURARISTER™ gas barrier performance. Please be careful not to make scratching in adhesive coating in amination process and ink coating in printing process.
  2. KURARISTER™ has excellent wet tension and does not require corona treatment before printing and lamination.
  3. Adhesive of two-component polyurethane type is recommendable for KURARISTER™ lamination. As adhesive strength is variable to adhesive type and process condition, please do pre-test before commercial production.


  1. It is recommendable to keep product label and record product information such as lot number of used product. Please contact us and provide that information on quality issue. We will make investigation and analysis of issue based on those provided information.
  2. The above information are the general instructions and cautions in handling of KURARISTER™ product based on our obtained information. However, no liability, warranty or guarantee is created by this document.